Kassandra’s Story and Ours…..

Kassandra, Trojan princess and sister of Hector, served Apollo as a priestess.  She had the gift of prophecy but was cursed by Apollo for rejecting his advances.  After he cursed her, even though she spoke the truth, no one believed her – much to their detriment and her personal anger and anguish!  We understand the plight of Kassandra as modern science screams the perils of climate disaster and the destruction of Planet Earth while most turn a blind eye and deaf ear in favor of profit and ease of living.

This web site is a conversation about local and global environmental issues.  You are invited to join Yough Communities C.A.R.E. in our conversation thru networking, calendar, blog, and media. 

Come join the effort and let everyone know what you are doing!

Some of Our Recent Actions

Working the GAP Trail

We keep watch, ensuring our river stays clean and critters safe. Join our outreach team!

Meet & Greet the Candidates

Sharing our ideas and concerns with local candidates is an important way to let them know about environmental dangers.

Planning ‘Good Trouble’

Planning our efforts to spark change. Using your voice can help protect our beautiful planet!

YCC meets with area politicians to discuss extration issues in our community 4-29-23
YCC meeting on Invenergy at West Newton gym 7-24-23
Rostraver council meeting 4-13-22
Heracles Poster by YCC 8-2-22
Table at Gap Trail 5-16-21 with YCC
Joann 6-27-23 YCC meeting
YCC Canvas Invenergy 5-1-21
Cathy and JR signs 4-21-21- 3
car magnet at YCC invenergy meeting
Janet testifies at compressor hearing 2-27-23
YCC Christmas party
JR sign at table on Gap Trail 5-16-21
Patty talks to community about extraction issues in Elizabeth Township
Public Hearing with ACHD on the Invenergy Power Plant hosted by YCC at the West Newton Gym
Community meeting at West Newton Gym
Volunteers writing postcards for Invenergy at West Newton Gym 2-19-20
good trouble 2023
Community Meeting on Landfills
YCC catches up with staff at Fair Shake – Environmental Justice Fair in CLairton
Book CLub Christmas 23
Lily Jones with Environmental Defense Fund speaks at YCC community event 1-17-24
Volunteers writing postcards for Invenergy at gym 2-19-20
YCC table at event for Sara Innamaratta 1
Goofy Janet showing off Popcorn bags 9-6-23
Eric Harder, Riverkeeper at Mountain Watershed, at meeting on Invenergy at gym 7-24-23
YCC meets with Bethany Hallam 4-29-23 3
YCC meets with Bethany Hallam 4-29-23 2
say no to max sign 12-1-22
YCC volunteers tells Elizabeth Township of cancelled mtg 8-3-22 2
car magnet at YCC invenergy meeting
Table at Ga[ Trail 5-16-21 with YCC volunteers
YCC meeting looking at signs 6-27-23
JR sign at table onGap Trail 5-16-21