Our Book Club has been meeting together for over 5 years. We meet every other week to read and discuss books about our environment, climate change, and pollution. We’ve learned a great deal, (AND realize how MUCH more there is to learn!), share our ideas, fears and hopes, and yes… plan a little “good trouble”!

We recommend that you join – or better yet- start a book club of your own. It’s a great way to share your ideas with friends a learn about the world around us.

These are books that we have found interesting and insightful. Sometimes they share uncomfortable truths. “Click the Pic” to link to a purchase location. What are YOU reading??? Go to the contact us page and let us know books that you have found helpful – give us a little info about the book, and we will share it!

The Ecology Book
This Changes Everything


The Overstory

The Climate Diet
The Sixth Extinction
How to Prepare for Climate
How Green was My Valley
Heat & Light
Choosing Earth
Amity and Prosperity
All We Can Save

“We can continue pushing our earth out of balance, with greenhouse gases accelerating each year, or we can regain balance by acknowledging that if we harm one species, one forest, one lake, this ripples through the entire complex web. Mistreatment of one species is mistreatment of all.

The rest of the planet has been waiting patiently for us to figure that out. Making this transformation requires that humans recommect with nature — the forests, the prairie, the oceans — instead of treating everything and everyone as objects for exploitation.”
― Suzanne Simard, Finding the Mother Tree: Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest